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Service -  International Level

We are very happy to contribute to the important work that our sisters from Ladies Circle International are doing for women around the world.

 For the years 2021-2023 the Service Project of LCI is the moroccan project Jood Espoir 

– a project to build a center dedicated to the homeless, to follow a program that will help them get back in to the society, including overcoming drug addiction, the legal aspect of having identity documents, coaching to believe in yourself and finding work.

Tangent Club International gives financial support every year to Ladies Circle International in their chosen project. 
Find out more and get involved below

At the year 2021-2022 alongside our support for the LCI ISP Tangent Club International supported and hug also one of our TCI country's project and to be part of  this exciting movement to give young girls  in Sri Lanka a better future.

Service - National Level

Each Tangent Club around the world independently chooses how to continue to maintain friendship. Many clubs choose to continue volunteering for the community and it is so heartwarming. It's lovely to see collaborations between Tangent and the local / national circle do something together for someone else

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